Want to race go-karts? Affordably?

Then why spend $2,000-$5,000 to race when you can race like this for $200-$600?

(15th Annual Championship on 10/2/2010)

 Please watch some of our 100 newest race video uploads on YouTube. We have over 1,600 video clips and a few hundred compiled videos up on Galletta's Karting On YouTube (by ChrusherComix Studios)

Galletta’s Karting Club, located in Oswego, NY, is a go-kart racing club that specializes on racing as professionally as we can for as economically as possible. We developed a style of kart racing that is different, but no less competitive than any national karting organization. Our biggest difference is affordability. Our club is free to join and race in, and the only thing anybody pays for is gas and parts. We are the largest and longest-running dirt karting class in the local area, as we were founded in the early 1990s and our average feature is 45-Laps usually consisting of 10-15 karts, with a 200-Lap “Klassic” Championship at Summer’s end deciding an Annual Points Champion. We race homemade 1-Wheel-Drive racing karts that can race on professional karting tracks and backyard speedways alike. We have karts rebuilt from used racing chassis, used yard karts and some built from scratch. We have ONE class to ensure a true overall track champion, and not have several smaller classes of divisional champions with no clear winner. We race used 5hp Briggs Flathead motors fueled by pump gas, sped-up by hand-shaved heads, and regulated by stock Fun Power-type carburetors instead of expensive prefabricated 2-WD chassis powered by high-priced methanol-fueled motors. On our own backyard oval speedway, we turn clockwise with our top speeds approximately 45-50MPH. Although we all run in the same division, in addition to a minimum weight requirement, we have something unique to our inclusive class — a weight-to-power-allowance scale to allow heavier drivers more horsepower via stronger racing cams and more powerful gear ratios, a system proven to be successful as we have the tightest competition and most varied winner’s circle locally over the last few years. This way our one class is bigger, almost as fast, and more competitive than the higher-priced karting classes, because heavier and lighter drivers can race equally and having the same chance of winning as the next guy. Racing experience, starting position, and a little bit of luck usually decides the outcome, and money and kart price play no role. To ensure this, we have an expert motor builder — club co-founder Matt Stevens – who oversees that all of the motors are legal, equalized, and competitive, and does so for no cost – just to have people to race with! Join us and find out what many people, including semipro drivers from local racetracks say – we have the most fun and spend the least money of likely any competitive motorsport class in the world! Just because the track is not located behind a famous race track, and the karts don’t cost over a grand doesn’t mean this isn’t real racing with talented drivers and excellent competition. Earn your karting “street cred” at Galletta’s. Enjoy! 

Galletta’s Karting Club – What we’re about:

  • We founded the club to race go-karts more affordably than WKA, NKA, Champs, Clones, Quarter-Midgets, motocross and/or whatever small engine motorsport is out there. We have succeeded in this since the 1990s.
  • We race for points (which count for both a seasonal points championship and an all-time points tally added at season’s end).

    16th Annual Galletta's Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 Start
    16th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 of 2011
  • Our regular season races are usually 8-lap heats and 45-lap to 50-lap features. We occasionally change things up to twin-30-lap or twin 35-lap features or dump the heats and add laps to the feature. Each green flag lap is in the 15-17 second range, which leads to a lot of racing (more than most pay tracks we know of). 1st-timer rookies get practice time and rookie qualifier races (vets and track officials judge if you qualify – which means race calm, cool, collected, and SAFE enough – to race in the veteran feature or not).
  • Our annual 200-lap Klassic Championship occurs every late-September/early-October. Our “Summer Season Point Series” ends with the Klassic 200. The final tally from that combined with our summer series determines the points and Klassic Championships of the track, and erratic post-Klassic races are “Fall Bonus Point Challenge races that only count for the All-Time points, but not the summer series. 
  • We do not offer prizes other than our small amount of fame on our website and YouTube videos.
  • Most of us aren’t seeking a career in racing, so we race for the love and fun of the sport, and help each other compete to make the races as close and competitive as possible. The vets and co-founders will often help serious rookies more than themselves. We aren’t cutthroat and using this as a stepping stone to a big track race career. You have kiddie kartway pay tracks to do that if that’s your goal, although our track has had far more Oswego Speedway racers on it than the local pay track, and they all say how tough and gruelling and fun our racing is over all other forms of organized motorsport racing.
  • We are called “Galletta’s” because we are sponsored by, hosted by and located behind Galletta’s Greenhouses in the town of Oswego, NY.

When do we race?

  • Summer Point Races: We race every Sunday starting in June through August — with occasional mid-week rain dates or preemptive Friday or Saturday Rain Dates. Usually 45-70 green flag laps a week for points.
  • Fall Race Series: We then switch to a driver-availability schedule every-other-Saturday/Fridays/occasional Sundays from September through November (until the weather stops cooperating). Pre-Klassic Fall races usually count for regular annual point series, post-Klassic Falle races usually count for All-Time point tally.
  • Klassic 200-Lap Championship: Occurs on a Saturday sometime in either late September or early October (dependant on weather and regular driver availability).
  • Countdown: Check the countdown timer in the upper left side column of the page.


Prices – We are Free, and run on donations:

  • Galletta’s Karting Club and Backyard Speedway is intended to be free, and is operated on a not-for-profit, self-sustaining, basis that runs completely on donations and time and work of the club members. We are NOT a pay racetrack facility, we are a backyard speedway that strives to make the racing as fun and competitive as possible. The vast majority of of our members agree that we have succeeded in this since our founding in the early 1990s. Donations to race are listed below.
  • This is a race at your own risk track that operates under NY State Recreational Use Law and charges no money other than nominal donations.
10/3/2009: 14th Annual Klassic 200

To enter a race:

  • To enter a race, you must have adequate protective clothing. Mandatory would be a full-face helmet with a visor that has good vision. Second would be full skin coverage with tough clothing (a race suit or jeans and a long-sleeve shirt, shoes and gloves with NO exposed skin). Not mandatory but highly suggested are neck braces and protective armor that absorbs impact (knee pads, elbow pads, shin pads, flak jackets, rib protectors… anything and everything that can protect you is highly smiled upon).
  • You must sign a waiver agreeing to never hold anybody else liable for any injury sustained on our track. And this is serious racing with speeds between 35-50 mph depending on which area of our track. You can get injured, and must respect the kart’s power and race with SAFETY FIRST in mind.
  • We have a standard $5-per-driver donation to head mechanic and track operator, Matt Stevens for all of his time and effort on his hobby that all of our club members enjoy.
  • To enter your own kart, you must have a kart that meets our specs (if you do not have one, we occasionally have some for sale and you can have one custom built for you from scratch or rebuilt from an existing kart. Our specs are on our rules page). What most drivers usually do is donate and use one of our Galletta’s karts until they get a feel for it, then make or buy their own.
  • We have race-ready, multi-feature-winning, highly competitive arrive-and-drive Team Galletta’s Greenhouse karts on site. Most of our regular drivers have their own karts, but if you do not, you are welcome to borrow one of these karts. They are a donation of $20 per regular race ($20 including your $5 per-driver donation to the track is $25). This covers the gas and part wear/replacement and has never ever made a profit. If we were a business, we’d be under. This is why it is called a donation. Veterans can arrange for less if they buy replacement parts, gas, and/or own their own engine and/or drive system, in which case the rental donation would just be a fraction of the cost (engine and drive system wear are the primary expenses in our club).

    11th Annual Galletta’s
    Klassic 150 – 9/23/2006
  • The Klassic 200 and other longer events are more cost in donations, as longer races beat up the karts and track more, as well as burn more gas. We usually do $20 per 50 laps, but make discounts for regular veteran drivers. So, it pays to be an experienced regular veteran driver who races most of the year or a handful of times per year and not a once-or-twice-ever driver.
  • Spectators? Races are free to watch, but all spectators must stay at least 10 feet away from the track AND the “hot” pit gate, and/or in back of a solid object when karts are on the track, and may be asked to get back or leave if they are being a hazard to themselves or others.

What we are NOT:

  • We are not a kiddie kartway. We are an adult race club. Drivers should preferably be 18 or over, but we do allow younger drivers who have a driver’s license, and/or show enough physical strength to operate the karts safely or prior RACE karting experience, and parent or legal guardian sign for them. If you are looking for that, there are a few local pay tracks that you can go to, but expect a lot of expense and some cutthroat drivers and track operators. Please do not call with such requests for kids – we’re not built for it.

    13th Annual Galletta’s Klassic 200: 9/21/2008
  • We are not a recreational/carnival/State Fair/adventure park. Our karts are set up for racing, and not for joy riding.  If you are looking for that, there are a few local areas that offer recreational kart rides. Please do not call with such requests – we’re not built for it.

Our karts:

  • Our karts are hybrid single-wheel drive racing karts that we build ourselves and usually cost between $300-$1,000 total, and used ones can be bought for $200-250. They are not yard karts. They are not prefabricated race chassis. They are a hybrid of both, which means they are nearly as fast but are FAR more affordable and durable than your average racing kart (that costs well over $1,000-$4,000 0 and although less precise, yet far more rangy than prefabricated race karts, which can only race on the flattest, smoothest race surfaces). For example, our speeds are MUCH faster on our home track than the higher-priced karts local pay track (track is smaller) – we approach 50 MPH at the end of our straights, and the local pay track is lucky to approach 40 MPH (we raced at both, we know). We can (and have) raced on both  backyard speedways and pay race tracks alike. We can do both if we want. And nearly as fast for just a fraction of the cost without losing any of the competitive ability. Our drivers are on equal footing as any pay track kart driver, and the wily vets are far more experienced than nearly all local track kart drivers. This website shows almost twenty years of experience if you don’t believe us and think that just because you drive a 2-WD prefabricated kart on a pay track that you are instantly better than any and all of our drivers. Show up on race day and you’ll see what’s up.
  • Our motors are gas-powered Briggs & Stratton L-block Flatheads with race cams and shaved heads restricted by “Fun Power” 1990’s-style carbs. We allow heavier drivers to experiment with bigger cams, gear ratios, and/or gas Clone motors – provided all drivers approve and the integrity of the sport is not compromised with unfair advantages for one kart/driver over another.

    12th Annual Galletta’s Klassic 200 on 9/23/2007

1st-Time Drivers:

  • People are invited to join us racing, but you must understand basic racing rules, have full body (tough clothing covering all exposed skin) coverage, full-face helmet protection, and obey and respect all rules and regulations of the property owner, flaggers, kart owners, and your fellow karting competitors – with veteran and regular drivers taking more seniority over newbies.
  • 1st-time rookies are allowed more races and practice to get accustomed to the track and karts, and also tend to cause more kart and track damage than vets, and if the fellow veteran drivers and track officials deem that you are damaging karts, being a hazard, or causing multiple cautions, you will be asked to sit for the remainder of the event until either after the race has completed or next weekend to get your full laps in. If you are angry and belligerent to other drivers and/or track officials, you will be asked to leave the premises and recommended to return without an apology and agreement to drive safe and stay calm.
  • Drivers, especially new ones that need practice, should come on time or early to help get the track and karts ready to race.

One class fits all:

  • Yep. No dozen or more divisions here. One class for ALL. Yes, no matter your age or weight, we weight down the lightest drivers and give the heaviest drivers extra horsepower via bigger race cams and gearing. The system is open to evolving each week to help as many of the drivers as humanly possible, and, for the most part, it works very, VERY well. It makes for some highly competitive racing, winners between 16 and 56 years old, drivers between 135-250 lbs… all in the same class and all racing bumper-to-bumper. And, it is one of the reasons we no longer race at the local pay track. They didn’t understand and straight up HATED our one-class-fits-all allowances and tried to force us to either conform to a WKA-esque “strict age, weight and motor divisions” system OR race against open motors that were higher horsepower than our weight-to-power scale allowed. We are neither, and never will be, which is why we don’t like pay tracks anymore, and some of the don’t like us either. It would make our club be enveloped into everything against what we founded the club to be – an affordable and equal footing race club with musical karts that anybody can drive and win with provided they have the talent and experience. It is also how we stay so affordable and equally competitive.  It’s also why we have the biggest karting division with the biggest point listing, the biggest wins list, and most competitive, most veteran, and most and varied points and winner’s circle of all local karting divisions. How could we not being both the longest-running, fairest and most affordable kart class? Think pay tracks getting 60-70 karts a week is more? That’s about 10 divisions! Most divisions are 3-9 karts because most drivers are intimidated by a lot of drivers wand want the glory of winning a smaller race. Our division is ONE division. And we have had for years now the most drivers in it. Don’t believe us? Look here.

    Galletta's Karting Club Founders Sweep the top3 in Oswego Speedway Dirt Track's 1st Classic 50!
    1st Official Oswego Speedway Kartway Classic 50 – Chris, Wes, & Matt Stevens sweep the top-3 in the Classic!

Our rules:

  • …are simple, yet painstakingly written out. Most are common sense race rules that most tracks abide by. Whatever isn’t already mentioned or painfully obvious is listed here.

Ready to race? So are we! Navigate our site to see full race descriptions, driver profiles, and watch videos to all of our races since 2005 and all of our season rundowns from 1996! Enjoy the site! Its what it was built for!

I am Christopher Galletta Stevens, the Galletta’s Karting Club co-founder, racer, documentarian, statistician, and webmaster. I have written all of these pages and put up all of these pictures and videos for your enjoyment (and mine). I hope you come back often to get entertained, and heck… maybe even join us! Real drivers race with us. See you on the track!


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