Greetings! ChrusherComix is an ongoing comic book and interconnecting graphic novel created, written, and illustrated by Christopher Galletta Stevens. Although it is a published professional caliber graphic novel, it has come a long way from its immature yet humble beginnings. The comic was initially an unpublished “sketchbook with a storyline’ that began in 1988 when the auhor was a 14-year-old high school freshman, and mostly done in high school study halls (and instead of homework – oops!). The comic then also went from unpublished comib cook to simultaneously published strips in the local newspapers and promptly won several high ranking awards. The book has continued under the radar of the comics industry, and is presented on this website. Relatively unknown, waiting to be discovered by… well. YOU!

The word ChrusherComix is actually a portmanteau of Chris’ Crusher Comics, the original title of the comic from 1988-2000. Normally your eyes would be bitch-slapped by my comic book/graphic novel artwork and links to get started in reading either the 1,000 page “Classics” archive or the brand new “End Cycle” graphic novel. However, it isn’t. So what are you looking at? Well, this page is here because my original WordPress installation imploded for unknown reasons (code error; malfunctioning widget; hacker; who knows? Even so, it was only about 25% complete as it was). This is a placemat until the site is back up, fully armed and operational with the full comic and minus the problems that made it crash and burn (hopefully… WordPress is a powerful but fickle beast when it has errors).

In the meanwhile, here is the main home site to all of my projects – ChrusherComix Studios to keep you busy while I get this huge-mongous webcomic site back up:

And… is all of that excitement isn’t enough for you, lets whittle it down to the shortcuts to all the Chrusher Comic issues on the OLD ChrusherComix website. Hosted on ComicGenesis, it contains around 95-98% of the comic (minus the newer stuff that I’ve done in the past year or so). The comic starts as a character-driven slapstick comedy, then slowly transforms into an action-adventure book with some of the juvenile comedy throughout, and finally into more serious fare – a thriller with mature dramatic elements (and better artwork). The entire story is seperated into three major volumes, which are all interrelated but not interdependent. Volume One covers the story of the characters in high school, the second volume covers them in exploits after high school. These initial two volumes were never intended for mass conuption (just friends and family), but were uploaded online in 2005-06 and can be enjoyed anyways. The third volume is written and illustrated for mass consumption and simultaneously published. Enjoy…

Now… as if over 1,000 Chrusher comic book pages, over 100 Towner comic strips, dozens of Galletta’s Greenhouse flower pages and hundreds of go-kart race descriptions and videos isn’t enough to fill your boredom with your daily quota of lust for excitement, then I can say nothing more than please be patient and we’ll be up and going with the new and improved ChrusherComix website – complete with a bunch of remastered “Classics” and band new “End Cycle” graphic novel pages in no time, brutha’! Well… okay… maybe it takes time, and working on three other websites and videos slows things down, but be patient and check back often! See you soon my friends! 🙂


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