So you enjoyed Towner Comics and you want to see the author’s other web comic? That’s great! Since I’m the author, I THANK you! But before you go any further, I want to give a parental warning here just in case.

Towner is aimed to be all-ages appropriate, and that means that hopefully both kids and adults will enjoy it. There’s no adult language or innuendo anywhere in any of these strips. At the worst, a couple of fart jokes, but that’s about it. If Towner comics were a movie, it would likely be “G” rated, and if someone real picky were to rate some of them, then mayyyyybe “PG”.

ChrusherComix (a portmanteau Chris’ Crusher Comics), is a comic book (and sometimes a graphic novel) written and illustrated between 1988-to-current by meChristopher Galletta Stevens (with occasional canon fan art or stories co-plotted with assists by friends and family). From day one, it has never been appropriate for young children, was never initially intended to be released in print, and the internet was barely in existence, unknown and un-reachable to me at the time. That all changed in 2005, when the comic was painstakingly scanned and uploaded, and 2008, when select issues were put into print.

Chrusher Comics however, is not aimed at kids. It is aimed at mature teens to adults. The early volumes were created, written, and illustrated by me when I was 14-19 years old (and what was mildly offensive then is somewhat tame to most now) and, as society has changed over time, some of the jokes are more approriate now, some are less. While there is no explicit nudity, there are some some occasional adult situations and sexual innuendo (often censored, but heavily implied), some fair sprinkling of four letter words (many censored, but sometimes one can guess as to what is said, while some not censored at all), a lot of sometimes slapstick “Three Stooges”-like or semi-real “pro wrestling”-like violence between the characters in the earlier stuff, and other times serious *REAL* violence is portrayed with serious injury, dismemberment, or even death. Then, not to mention that there is a lot of crude toilet humor in the first seven or eight earlier volumes. If ChrusherComix was rated, I would sare say that 95% of the content would be rated “PG-13”, but some of the content–specifically in the new “End Cycle” graphic novel–would be rated “R”. Myself, I am not against mature content, as long as it is not forced upon kids, young teens, and those who find it objectionable at any age. Also, for my own personal tastes, I consider the newer work to be an illustrated thriller novel – which is where the term graphic novel comes in.

Although there are hundreds of pages, and no uncensored nudity (some shapes and conveniently-placed items though) or sex (although some is heavily, heavily implied), and the occasional swear words (some censored, some not) and a lot of toilet and/or crotch humor. A lot of crude/rude, un-PC stuff in there too. The earlier comics are character driven comedy with a lot of slapstick violence and name-calling written and illustrated when the author was a teenager, and obviously there is a lot of immature content therein. Occasionally, the violence causes a death of a character, and sometimes it is gruesome. As the book progresses, it takes a more serious, darker, more mature, sometimes more violent, and sometimes erotic in tone, especially in the graphic novel being produced from 2007-and-up.

If you are an adult, or can handle a mature story with some adult situations and volence, then you have been warned… proceed. If you are an adult, or a mature teenager that has heard/told some bad jokes and/or watched a few PG-13 or even rated-R movies, nothing here will be too obscene (I consider the content rated between PG-13 to R if it were a movie) for you. If so, then:

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If that’s too much, if you are too young, or do not approve of such material, then by all means, keep reading my all-ages, family-friendly Towner Comics!

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