The Return of Crusher (1995)

The Return of Crusher #1: “The Scourge of The Scovillian”

ChrusherComix (Christopher’s Crusher Comics) has returned after a few years on hiatus, and has been kidnapped by his fellow high school vigilante from a neighboring school. But why would his good fellow freedom-fighting friend kidnap and mock him after both have graduated high school and begun their adult lives? And Welforce may have disbanded after the events of Welf-War, but the does not stop RaYzor the Hitman from attempting harm upon Ronald Foule just like his high school days, while Ian Babblet is out to assemble new agents. Part of a three part series, fully inked with colored covers. (Seen for the first time from an unpublished story; 1995)
Return of Crusher #2 Cover

The Return of Chrusher #2: “Old Friends/New Enemies”

As Welforce gains new members, old Conquerors are tempted by the Welf-side. Flashbacks to Jo-Jo Bunn’s backyard football game rampages.
(Seen for the first time from an unpublished story; 1995, colored & web-published 2005)


The Return of the Chrusher #3: “RaYzor’s Funeral”

RaYzor is dead? The funeral proceedings with a large contingent of ChrusherComix characters all conglomerated in a funeral home? It seems like a recipe for disaster to me.

© Written, Illustrated (1996), colored and web-published (3/15/2013) by Christopher Galletta Stevens – ChrusherComix Studios.


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