The Last DaYz of the Glare #1 (Feb. 1990)

The Last DaYz of the Glare #1
(Feb. 1990, ChrusherComix #11 – Year Two #1)

Chrusher is dead. Killed by the juvenile named, “Roboman” Reegun, an immature 12-year-old boy – with an unhealthy obsession with evil masterminds in both human history and fiction – dressed up on a metal suit that dangerously emits lethal amounts of energy. Instructions left by Chrusher instruct the remaining Conquerors to have a No Holds Barred/Mixed- Martial-Arts/Wrestling/Boxing battle royale at Fort Crusher to determine who will become the new leader. RaYzor cheats to win, and leads the Conquerors into battle against the Welforce. But are they too much for RaYzor’s abilities?

From 2/1990, colored 3/2/2013.

Also includes a prelude, which covers a destroyed 3-5 issues of the comics.

© 1990 Christopher Galletta Stevens

RaYzor losing his sanity, hair, and the Conquerors….

The Last DaYz Of The Glare (Part II)

After being defeated by Welforce, in what would be the 1st ever defeat the Conquerors took vs. the gang of misfits, Commander RaYzor is gradually losing control of the Conquerors, and with it, his sanity and his hair. He also wasn’t prepared for the massive target placed on one’s back when becoming leader of the Conquerors… namely Chrusher’s arch enemies. *Cough* Obliterator… *cough* …more murderous than ever… *cough* …people get mauled to death… *cough*

© 1990 Christopher Galletta Stevens

Chrusher’s back! And Ray’s LOST it!

The Last DaYz Of The Glare (Part III: Chrusher’s back!)

Chrusher returns from his suspended animation coma and amnesiac episode (because that has never happened before in fiction, right?) to greet his Conqueror comrade RaYzor, who watched over the Conquerors while he was gone. But something’s wrong. RaYzor has snapped, lost most of his luxurious hair, and near suicide, has now turned homicidal, and turned fire on Chrusher! And he’s not the only one!

© 1990 Christopher Galletta Stevens

1990-06-01-Last-DaYz-pf-the Glare-4-Drugs-n-Poseurs
The Last DaYz Of The Glare (Part IV: Drugs-n-Poseurs!)

The Last DaYz Of The Glare (Part III: Drugs n’ Poseurs!)

RaYzor is defeated. Captured alive and thrown into the Paddy-Wagon… taken off to the Banion Street Asylum for the Criminally Insane, Mentally Irregular, and Lunaticials. There he meets his idols in life, Guns n’ Roses!!! Er… wait… they kind of look like ’em. But…. they call themselves Drugs n’ Poseurs, and base their music on Satan worship! Meanwhile, someone is observing with a keen interest to Chrusher and his buds.

© 1990 Christopher Galletta Stevens


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