When Salvation Army charity donation boxes get raided… who y’gonna’ call, son?

Welforce™, The | Classics #6

When police apprehend the juvenile delinquent hooligan nerds that were raiding Charity boxes, The COMMANDAH’ decides to utilize them instead of punishing them. He gave them a job! Hired to now protect the locations they once stole from. This new unit is called… THE WELFORCE! And Ron Foule takes martial arts classes in order to attempt to get tough, with humorous results.

© 1988-89 Christopher Galletta Stevens

"I SHALL RULE!" Says RaYzor "The Hitman" Cadildo as he stands triumphant over the friends he betrayed and defeated.
“I SHALL RULE!” Says RaYzor “The Hitman” Cadildo as he stands triumphant over the friends he betrayed and defeated.

 Hitman RaYzor’s Hostile Takeover | Welforce II – Classic ChrusherComix #7

The fourteen-year old high school freshman who calls himself Hitman (and who others call him (S)Hitman) RaYzor Cadildo has a master plan. As a member of Welforce by default – as they moved in on his elementary school pro-wrestling grounds where he was hiding in order to preserve his belt, to which they without question adapted him into their ranks – he plots take down one of the Conquerors, Chris “Crasher” Chassis, and take his place in Chrusher’s Conquerors at the expense his fellow – and soon-to-be-former – Welforce agents. Betrayal, mass-defeat are soon to follow! And don’t forget Demolisher vs. Butski,  (S)Hitman Comics and Mega-Ron!

© 1988-89 Christopher Galletta Stevens


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